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The Glass Number 33
A special issue subtitled ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’ has been published in the autumn, 2020

The Glass  Issue Number 33, Autumn 2020
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Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year
     Valentine Cunningham

Saints under an empty sky – Time and Space in Camus’s La Peste
     Marie Kawthar Daouda

Good and Evil in Eliot’s Letters to Emily Hale
     Jewel Spears Brooker

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit
    David Jasper

Seeking Light: Ruskin after Jesus
     Andrew Tate

Pilgrim Plays for a New Elizabethan Age
     Margaret Wiedemann Hunt

The dramatic transformation of Samson Agonistes
     Irene Montori

‘So They Say’: An Experiment in Reading Curse, Lament and Persona in Psalm 109
    Richard Briggs

Roy Flechner, Saint Patrick Retold: The Legend and History of Ireland’s Patron Saint
Colin McAllister, ed.,The Cambridge Companion to Apocalyptic Literature
Carolyn Muessig, The Stigmata in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Michael L. Peterson, C. S. Lewis and the Christian Worldview
Zora Neale Hurston, Moses, Man of the Mountain

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