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The Glass Number 33:
A special issue subtitled ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’ was published in autumn 2020

The Glass  Issue Number 34, Sping 2021
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Let Heaven and Nature Sing: Creation and the New Creation in the hymns of Isaac Watts
     Daniel Johnson

Paradise Recalled: Echoes of delight in Le Jeu d’Adam
     Mike Nolan

‘Let heaven and nature sing’ in poems by Malcolm Guite,Wendell Berry, and John Terpstra
     Deborah Bowen

John Crowe Ransom: The World’s Body and the God of the Old Testament
    Joseph Kuhn

J.I. (Jim) Packer
     Valentine Cunningham


Book Reviews:
N.T. Wright, History and Eschatology: Jesus and the promise of natural theology: the
   2018 Gifford Lectures
Stephanie Clark, Compelling God:Theories of Prayer in Anglo-Saxon England
Krista Lysack, Chronometres: Devotional Literature, Duration, and Victorian Reading
Marilyn McEntyre, When Poets Pray
Robert W. Wall, Studies in Canonical Criticism. Reading the New Testament as Scripture
Suzannne Conklin Akbari and James Simpson (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Chaucer

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