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‘Every man a liar’: truth, text, rhetoric

Saturday 2 November 2019
Corpus Christi College, Oxford

The Challenge of Allegory for foundational English fictionists John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe
Valentine Cunningham, Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature at Oxford University

Persuaded into Truth: Truthtellng in Jane Austen’s Emma and Persuasion
David Barratt

Fable, therefore truth: Myth, Testimony and Text in Robert Browning’s ‘A Death in the Desert’.
François Crampe, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Truth as Travail in the Fugitive Poets.
Joseph Kuhn, Associate Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan,

‘Beautiful untrue things’ from Waugh to Spark: Modernism’s Religious Fictions.
Dr Hope Howell Hodgkins, Lloyd International College Faculty Fellow, University of North Carolina.

These papers appear in print in The Glass No. 32, Spring 2020

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