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Conference Booking
The details below will not apply in 2020

Instead see details of the 2020 video conference arrangements

2020 application form for a submission (must be made only on 19-20 October)


20 and concessions
Prior booking is essential, and must be made before the closing date.
See the details on the conference leaflet, then send your conference fee before the closing date (about one week before the day of the conference).

If you are attending the conference as a non-member and wish to join the CLSG, a special offer gives membership including mailing of The Glass until the end of next year (two issues) and saves 4. Your details as requested on the New Member form will be needed.

Information about concessions.

When sending a payment direct, or by using PayPal, Pingit or TransferWise (see Subscriptions), please email to secretary@clsg.org the information required on the conference booking form to be found on the conference leaflet, e.g. stating the grounds for any concessionary rate.


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